about how I

became the 

person I am.

(c) Leah Döllmann

I grew up in Essen, together with my three siblings in an apartment, which never had enough rooms for all of us. But my father would always make room, where noone else had seen it before. That's where I started to learn to see potential and possibilities in everything and to make the best out of the given context.


My parents always supported me to do things I love. Starting with the xylophone and flute I was begging so long, until my parents would also let me take piano lessons. Since then music has been a constant companion throughout my life.   

When I was eight, I started to write diary. The first thing I wrote about was the red cabbage on christmas eve. Until today it helps me to process, what I experience. Meanwhile I have filled about 30 notebooks. 

I always wanted to become a fashion designer, so after my graduation I started to study clothing technologies in Berlin. There was hardly any design classes, but I thought, it would be more reasonable to learn the solid basics first, before becoming creative. Soon I realized the only classes I loved, were the creative ones. After my graduation I dared to take up my second bachelor. This time I trusted my gut feeling and started something creative: communication design in Potsdam. I have never regret my decision. 

I loved the freedom that design studies gave me. I tried out a lot and found out that photography combines many things I love: to be with people, to create something new and to give a person a new perspective on him- or herself. The university also gave me the opportunity to lead different groups of people and bringing various talents together. I learned how to see potential in people, how to encourage them to do what they love and how to bring all these talents together to create something bigger.

One year ago I had the opportunity to combine several passions of mine: I started to work with musicians. And I loved it. I went to small concerts every week to take pictures. I tried my first music videos, enjoyed just spending time with musicians, listened to their new songs and encourage them to keep on doing what they love. I just supported them in any possible way I could.

A few month ago, I sat in the kitchen of Sidney Busby, a musician, I work with and her brother asked me: "Are you Sidney's manager?" I answered: "Well, I don't know..." Sidney helped: "Rebekka is my photographer / videographer / director / manager / coach... Rebekka is just Rebekka!"  


I had to smile when she said this, cause she really nailed it. I always wanted to give myself a label, that would define, what exactly I am. But I never found it. It always felt like, there's no box I am fitting in. And most of the time, I hated it, cause I thought that's what you need to be successful. But now slowly I start to accept that. I start to understand, that you don't need a label that defines you, but you can just make up your own label and call it by your name. Cause it is quite enough to simply be yourself.